After years of dreaming of having a family-friendly place for people to relax, and enjoy the beauties of the ranching life, the Chester’s started putting together a plan of action. The different gifts and ideas came together to create a design that is being placed into action right now. It all begins with "Buck", the Chester family's first Generation. Buck Chester was the father, grandfather, and great-grandfather of the owners and operators of the business. The Ranch adapted its name from Buck. Each of the Chester family members involved are working to create that down-home welcoming experience for everyone who visits. Bucks only son Virgil has had the dream of owning a cattle ranch and that dream is becoming a reality. Virgil is slowly building his herd and enjoying the slow pace of life on the Ranch. Virgil's eldest son Jimmy's dream of owning an event facility has been brought into the equation with his enthusiasm and skill as a business owner. As President of LoveWorks Inc, a Christian Ministry, and Jim's years of experience in the business world, he has a vision for a place for ministers, church groups and families to unwind and relax.  LoveWorks will work with Bucks Ranch to host children’s camps and events for visitors and locals alike. Jimmy's daughter Shannon has dreamed of owning a Children’s Camp designed to enhance the gifts and talents of children and teens. What better to place to offer the camp, than a fun, friendly Ranch environment. Bucks Ranch is a place where learning is open to the elements and stimulated by nature and the surrounding environments.  


When all these dreams, ideas, gifts, and talents were put together, the birth of Bucks Ranch became a reality. Bucks Ranch is a place to unwind and have fun. Explore our Events Page for ways you can enjoy our Ranch.  

Children's Race
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Kids Blowing Bubbles
Cowboy in the Countryside
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Virgil & Barbara Chester

Virgil and Barbara Chester have been married for over 50 years and have spent their lives raising their families. Family is the most important thing to them. For over 20 years Virgil worked in the mining industry. He utilized his hardworking skills to support his family and makes sure that they had everything they needed to become successful adults. Barbara spent her years as "The Best" mother, and grandmother there can be. She took care of her children like all mothers should and raised every stray that needed a home. She spent her spare time volunteering at church, singing in a group and playing the piano. Her hospitality skills and love for people make her home the most welcoming place on earth. After raising 3 children of their own, Virgil and Barbara have been blessed with 5 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren to add to their family. Now that their children are grown they have decided to retire and follow their dreams of slowing down the pace and living the remainder of their days on a Ranch. 



Jim Chester

Jim is the son of Virgil and Barbara and the father of Shannon Frank. Jim's life has led him in many different directions. He has had many business opportunities and entrepreneurial experiences over the last 30 years. He started his adult life as a single parent of his daughter. He worked for the city and then began building his skills in construction. When Shannon reached high school, Jim decided it was time for new adventures so they left New Mexico and moved to Texas. Jim wanted to further his education in the field of audio, video, and Television production. He built his knowledge in the TV industry as a videographer, director, and editor. During his time in the entertainment industry, he birthed the ministry Love Works. Love Works is designed to help hurting people.  It has been in operation for over 10 years and was incorporated in Texas in 2004. Jim has also been a licensed Realtor and is skilled in real estate development, sales and property management. With all his experiences, education and skill, Jim is embarking on his vision to successfully start and maintain Bucks Ranch as a family friendly event facility and retreat center.  

Shannon Frank

Shannon received an education in the beauty industry and is licensed as a cosmetology instructor and stylist. She has gained business experience as an office manager, instructor, and business owner. She began her career as a cosmetology instructor where she gained program development and management skills. She then worked for Isla Verde as a human relations manager as well as Medica Health Management.  Shannon ventured out as a salon owner, she founded Ezabella's Salon. During this adventure, she also worked with DFW Investment Specialists a real estate investment business and LoveWorks, Inc., where she fulfilled the duties of office manager and accountant. Shannon also held the position of School Director of Esthetics for Snake River Institute in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where she gained experience with business start-up procedures including curriculum design and writing for educational programs. Shannon then joined the staff of Paul Mitchell, the school where she furthered her career in classroom development and teaching as well as taking on the responsibility of Fund Raising Creative Master. During Fund Raising season, Shannon set company goals and organized events of all sizes to raise money to meet those goals. During her time as Creative Master, the money raised continuously increased and goals were met. As Office Manager for Bucks Ranch, Shannon's objectives are to develop and maintain organized staff and programs with the focus on creating a family-friendly environment. She will use her accounting skills to maintain a comprehensive database, and accurate records. With her educational skills to create and maintain exceptional programs and curriculum, and her love for people she will develop and maintain lasting relationships with staff, customers, and camp attendees.